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Amy / Debora A. will join us again in the very near future!

I again shoot this girl on the numerous requests that came to my e-mail:

Meet! The new model NIMFA.

The flexible blonde will join us in the coming days.

May month is over and a new summer period begins
We summarize the results of the past month.
In comparison with the previous period, we have become a little better.
We managed to please you 22 times, which is more than last month.
Also we hope that you noticed the increased quality of photos, the video began to appear more often.
In May we showed you two new models:
In addition, we resumed publishing such long-awaited models as:
Share with me your impressions.
What should we do better, and what did you like already?
I am grateful for your comments on the site and your letters to my e-mail:
Dear members, I need your help!

You probably already noticed that since May of this year the site is working again better. Covers and sets have become good, as they were at the beginning of this site. I will try to make them even better.

I'll try to update every day. If this happens within this month, then officially declare "updated daily"!

I will not delete anything, but I will edit many galleries so that you can see them in full and better quality.

Help me understand what is best for you, what do you like more, what else do you want to see? Maybe I should publish a video backstage, how do I work with models? With which models will it be interesting? What topics, directions, types of shooting do you prefer?
Write about it directly to me:
Yours faithfully,
Antonio Clemens


New model Eva Gold.

New model Eva Gold.

How is she for you?

What would you like to see with her?

She will be sincerely glad to your wishes and recommendations!

Join me on social networks!

Join me on social networks!

I will be very glad to know from you personally criticism and acceptance. You will always know my new ideas and creative implementation.

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Welcome to communicate!

Antonio Clemens - photographer's bio
My name is Aleksandr Ovchinnikov. But I am known mostly as Antonio Clemens. 
In 1994 I joined big fashionable company Studio VII as the assistant of the later well known master of fashion photography Anton Oparin (Anton Oparin N.Y. USA). Since that moment my career of the professional photographer had started. After Anton Oparin had created the I worked for that project at the Fashion Weeks as a frontline photographer. 
Besides that my education is biologist. I have graduated from the Saint Petersburg state University, and I was doing the scientific job in the world biggest Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ZIN). I have several treatises and achievements in that field. I took part in several International Zoological expeditions as a photographer and entomologist. The first objects of my photography interest were insects. 
I had my debut at Met-Art in 2009. My photo galleries should be published under my real name. And it was conformed with The Met-Art chiefs. But at that moment someone of the editors made the  mistake and it caused the appearance of  Antonio Clemens. It was a very successful start, top 3 at once. And that was the reason why we decided to remain that nickname.