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If I wanted to see finger-spread photography, I'd buy a copy of Hustler. This is disappointing. Stunning18 is so much better than Hustler, at least until it starts using the same techniques.

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Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the few shots there were of that style, a welcome change from the soft non revealing sets we get a lot of, which are lovely too. I thought them very well done, as though she is offering her beauty to us not so much as the in your face 'Hustler' style. We'll just have to differ on this one.

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You make your points well, Fozzinsky. I got so frustrated by years of American porn mags that feature absolutely lovely models but ruin almost every single shot because they mandate that the model be spreading in every shot. I got so sick and tired of that style that it was a true miracle of pleasure to discover MA and its family sites, which at the time I subscribed (2010) did not feature fingers or toys in pics.

I felt that it was a way of making an erotic statement: we don't have to use cheap tricks to make our photos more exciting because our models are exciting and sexy enough. No tricks, no feigned sexual pleasure, just the pleasure of viewing our models unobstructed.

Now in 2016 virtually every MA family site is featuring more and more finger photos and it is frustrating as hell to me. I know that the MA management see this as a move forward but I see it as a diminishment of a beautiful product, a step backwards.

The finger photos are yet another way of making the undisputed leader of the industry just another cheap porn product, IMO.