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BRILLIANT! Both erotic and artistic. I have only dreamed of watching a video made this well. BRAVO! But, next time, please mute the background noise or play some quiet ballet music over it.

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This is one of my favorite videos from Annett. Please shoot more videos like this!

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Geil, wenn sie am Schluss auch noch die Ballett-Schuhe ausgezogen hat und ganz nackig ist, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Annett is radiantly lovely in this captivating video. What a delightful contrast between the cold marble and the warmth of her charm. What a treat to see her dance. And what a thrill to be put under the spell of her mesmerizing beauty!

Speaking of spells, at 12:20 Annett is the Sleeping Beauty. Like Prince Florimund, I too would jump for joy after kissing her:

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Yes, Yes, and.. yes.. More ballerinas.. Those splits from behind are amazing.

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Such a flexible girl!!

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3. advantage of original audio: you hear the filmer is real exited too by the way he breathes!

and, by the way: her pussy almost looks as if she still is virgin?
anyway, great, because she is agreat dancer!

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Thanks for leaving the original audio this time. It has two advantages:
1. You see how Annett is really moving matching to the music
2. You get the impression this is taking place in a public place!!!

(for me, the place could even be more public... ;-) )

Really thanks for making that, great work from model and videoer!


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