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When are we ever going to see a set of this gorgeous, sexy model WITHOUT fingers in every shot obstructing our view of her pussy?

This set exemplifies why I stopped buying American porn where every shot has to have a spread or inserted pussy and you never get to see the pussy itself.

If I wanted insertion or spread shots, I would buy Hustler. I come here for something better.

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When I shoot the girl again, I will definitely make some sets, as you want!
Two more photo sets and a few videos will be with her fingers in the pussy, excuse me for this.

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THANK YOU Antonio for such great work and bravo to Arya for sharing her stunning beauty with us!

I noticed that as well. Who doesn't want to see Arya's unobstructed beauty? Although there are many shots which leave the observers wishing we could see more, you deliver with many shots that reveal her raw beauty. Were the 'fingering' shots Arya's display of enjoying what she's doing or was she directed? Either way, no complaints from me.

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I really appreciate the feedback!
Thank you for your lively participation. I would sincerely like to do exactly what you would like. Unfortunately, there are very few comments and it is difficult for me to understand what to prefer for publication. Because of this my sets are devoid of a single concept.
Thanks to your comments, I can better orient my work.

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