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What a beautiful woman is Ellison. Excellent camera work. A piece of art.

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Antonia - Physically, and not including additional alterations (tattoos), Ellison is one of the most beautiful models across the MetNetwork. For the most part, you've done well in this set to conceal such detriments (tattoos) to Ellison's beauty. Please continue to do this, and also please consider the use of photoshop to completely remove these. Normally I would argue that I want to see a female exactly as she is (tattoos and all), but with Ellison, I cannot understand why someone so perfect would do that to her body.

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One of the very few ways I disagree with you, Hayley... being a tattoo'd person myself, I totally understand why a person would choose to get a tattoo.

It's ALL about the person themselves... an inner desire.

Nothing to do with how they look to the outside world. To get a permanent alteration to your body, it is an intensely personal choice. I deliberated about my tattoo for 3 years, and knew the final design for a full year before I actually got it. ( :

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On the one hand, I don't really want to encourage non-explicit posing on an explicit site... on the other, is Ellison not seriously the single most beautiful woman on the internets today? it just me?

Her sheer perfection almost makes up for the lack of explicit material. And those shots in just the sexy black heels.... oh heavens...

Technically, I would like to say: Shooting Ellison in a black dress? Brilliant. Shooting Ellison against a black background? Great. But shooting Ellison in a black dress against a black background? The weakest aspect of this set.

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Hey fer_realz, I've noticed our tastes are fairly similar (with a few differences), and so I'm pretty much where you are with Ellison: for sheer "face that launched a thousand ships" beauty, she's one of the best working today. And it doesn't bother me that she won't do explicit shoots. Not with that face. And that body!