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Poor Jenny seemed so bored!
In all her other sets it is her sweet smile that makes the whole series worthwhile.

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Ughhh, I really do not like that hand... I wish to see the girl pure and untouched, let us imagine that she's a virgin... Innocence is a tasteful spice, and that guy touching her is like someone spitting into my meal...

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Definitely! The hand was completely unnecessary,
Either more intimacy was required to make the hand relevant or bring the man into the picture.

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Love this set. Please do more like it... especially the close-up shots caressing her legs... wow!

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Oh what a beautiful girl! Her legs are delicious more please!!

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Not sure this is the right way to go.

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I like the concept. Don't much care for the wide angle distortion. Perhaps a better effect could be had if the photographer used a telephoto lens with another person providing the hand. That would also allow for different angles and a wider variety of shots.
Personally, I would have preferred Jenny to be barefoot. Barefoot is always better.
Thank you for featuring Jenny and for posting this set.