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I can't help but fall for this girl each time I see her. As a model she projects every age of being a woman, from innocence to a wiser knowing how it all works.

Kristel, each and every time I see you, I'm reminded why I dream of you so much.

Love this set, the lighting, glowing skin tones, Kristel's powerful eyes holding a quiet intelligence... there's a gift of peace in this set, the quiet smoldering fires of sexuality, the brief explosive flashes... That last image of you, Kristel, is burned into my memory. Thank you both, Kristel and Antonio Clemens.

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0_0 chill man, we get it, she look good

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Whoa Doug... considering your past responses to only this model and to Clemens talents and skill in shooting her, perhaps you need to re-evaluate once you get out of the funk you're in. Get some help and get out of the basement of comments.

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