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Antonio, Mona is SPECTACULAR. I hope you keep her around for a long time to come. She's very pretty and has an amazing body. I couldn't help thinking about how much her pussy looks like Melena's... (;

About your sets... I have some criticisms that are appropriate to this particular set. First, you start the model in very cute and provocative clothing but then have her remove it before we can even see how it looks in multiple poses. I was very disappointed the panties came off so soon.

Then, once you have the model remove her clothes, you have her go from pose to pose rather arbitrarily. There is no feeling of "flow" from one pose to another, and even worse, the best poses you only have the model in for two or three pictures rather than having a long sequence of the very nice poses like FD/AU or on her back with her legs spread. The feeling of the entire set ends up being rather choppy and abrupt rather than smooth and flowing. I would like the whole set to flow naturally through the poses and have a smooth feeling of transition from one pose to another ~ i.e. arranging the poses so they seem like a natural progression.

I hope these comments are helpful to you. I genuinely feel you have some spectacular models and you could present them more erotically.

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